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Your Podcast Deserves Better. Period.

Podcast Editing

Show Notes

Intro/Outro Music


Peachtree Sound

Peachtree Sound is a professional recording studio in suburban Atlanta. We offer audio post production services for film, TV, new media, radio, and podcasting. Yes, we edit podcasts too! Our clients include Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Walmart, Disney, and YouTube just to name a few. 


​Just because we do a lot of corporate work, doesn't mean we can't help you too. Everyday, we handle podcasts for individuals like yourself: Influencers, medical, legal, tech/dev frameworks, true crime, narrative, podcasts for networks, etc. We don't care how big or small your podcast is, EVERYONE deserves (and gets) the same great sound!

Experience matters! Our editors have 20+ years experience editing, mixing, and mastering audio. As a company that edits a LOT of dialogue, we can tell you that THE most important thing in a podcast, is telling a story through voice. The technical stuff we do to make it sound nice, is second. Every podcast has a certain pace, flow, and style. That's where our editing expertise come in. 

If you are serious about your podcast. Get serious about the sound quality. The team at Peachtree Sound can get you there.


What We Do

Just some of the services we offer...


  • Basic to Advanced audio editing

  • Remote Recording

  • Zoom Audio Improvement

  • Sound Design for Podcasts (True Crime, etc)

  • Specialized Noise Reduction/Removal


  • Basic Show Notes

  • Timestamped Show Notes

  • Transcriptions


  • Equipment Consultation

  • Custom Music, Audio Logos, and SFX

  • Produced Podcast Intro/Outros

  • Voice Over

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